We aims to provide all of our clients with a complex personal and domiciliary care service that is high-quality, safe, responsive, effective, and well-led.

We additionally plan to give advancing and remunerating work valuable open doors to our group of painstakingly chosen medical care laborers. It is our go for the gold be joined behind a dream to lay out an uncommon consideration administration that we can be generally pleased with. Our entire team is committed to achieving this goal because the well-being of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance.

We offers a wide range of care and support services to help people live as safely and comfortably as possible at home for as long as possible. These services can be provided at any time, from 30 minutes to 24 hours per day.

Respect and Dignity

Throughout their treatment, patients will always be treated with respect and dignity. This includes guaranteeing:

  • Clients’ Privacy will be Respected.
  • Adequate support and promotion of clients’
  • Independence and involvement in the local community are provided, and everyone is treated equally.

Protecting Clients from Abuse

Our staff will ensure that no client receives ill treatment or is abused in any way while receiving care. This comprises:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Neglect
  • Discrimination, and stigmatization
  • Degrading treatment
  • Physical abuse
  • Unnecessary or excessive restraint
  • Sexual abuse
  • Inappropriate restrictions on your freedom
  • Organizational abuse
  • Financial or material abuse

Supported Living

As a supported living facility, we offer assistance to individualized tenancy service clients in the privacy of their own homes.

We are driven and passionate about helping those we support develop resilience, capacity, skills, and coping mechanisms so that they can live in their own homes as independently as possible.

We give a protected individual consideration, upheld residing, palliatives care, semi free residing, home consideration administrations, patient escort to the arrangement or social commitment, food readiness and help with feasts with an emphasis on good dieting, help with drug the board, portability and falls counteraction the executives, rests administrations, live in care.

This belief is shared by all of our employees, who are encouraged to ensure that our mission is reflected in all aspects of the care and services they provide. Our point is to shield the security and classification of clients and to empower the clients to keep up with their own autonomy, have informed options and chances to appreciate and add to society.

16+ Care Services

People over the age of 16 with a wide range of needs, such as physical and learning disabilities, autism, and mental health issues, can get the right care through supported living so they can live the lives they want.

Respect and dignity

  • Overcoming obstacles to maximizing independence
  • Support to access funding and manage your money, including Direct Payments
  • Support to find the right home and maintain your own tenancy
  • Personal care and day-to-day practical support
  • Supporting young people in their first steps into adulthood
  • Assistive technology for greater independence